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Kindergarten "Child's Friend"

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The children from Kindergarten "Weenie the Pooh" also joined the Tzvetnitza Garden party with Mrs. Krasimira Stamenova and Mrs. Tzvetana Platikanova.





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Flowers Day

Tzvetnitsa Flower Day

also called Vrubnitsa (Willow Day) is celebrated on the Sunday before Easter and is an important ritual for the young girls, called "kumichene". The girls who have taken part in the Lazaruvane the day before go together to the river bank, where the kumichene ritual takes place.

Each girl has prepared a wreath made of willow branches or spring flowers and floats it to the surface of the water. They watch as the wreaths flow down the river to see which one will be first in the row. The girl whose wreath reaches farthest becomes kumitsa the leader of the group, who is believed to have the magic power to chase away the dragon /who is always looking for a young girl to carry away with him/. In the evening lazarsko horo /the circle dance/ is played for the last time.


Tzvetnitza is an important festivity for Bulgarians. On this day everybody goes to church, from  where they take home sanctified willow branches, which are believed to help against evil eye and different diseases.
All men, women and children with the name of a flower or tree celebrate their Name day

Tzvetnitsa .

      On Name days, everyone is welcome to be a guest in the home of the celebrating persons, no invitation or previous notification needed. The guests can share the treats prepared by the family and usually brings flowers, or other presents to the person with the flower name.  




In Kindergarten "Child's Friend" we had a wonderful Garden Party.

Even the youngest children were very happy to take part in the Name Day celebrations.

Margarita, Violeta, Lilly, Laura, Veneta and Tzvetana have their Name day on Tzvetnitsa.

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