Spring FlOwer Day

About our Flower idea


Kindergarten "Child's Friend" took part in  Spring day 2004 activities with an attractive new idea: Children, teachers and parents make flowers and decorate with them the naked branches of bushes and trees, and the feeble remnants of the winter grass in the gardens. As kindergarten teachers, we had to keep in mind the age and level of skill development of our children, planning the best way to enhance our lessons about Europe with easy to perform floral items.  

We wanted to make a big colourful exhibition of our best looking flowers in the center of Sofia city for everyone to see.

We also planned to take part in other Spring day festivities around the city. One of them the Discussion on European values and the enlargement, which took place in the European Information center together with 5 highschools for foreign languages.

So we had to carefully pick our models, inventing most of them, but also looking in books and magazines, asking from friends and colleagues. 

European partnership


We wrote in the European schoolnet mailing list describing our idea and inviting other European kindergartens and schools willing to join the initiative with their own flowers and events. We asked for some pictures of the partners classes and the way they make flowers. 

9 schools from 7 countries joined us and sent us lots of beautiful and inspiring pictures which formed the main part of our photo exhibition in the European Information center. Their ideas for flower making were carefully studied and applied by our teachers and children.

The results can be seen in the EXHIBITION site.

Thank you, dear partners!
We want to thank from all our hearts to our dear Spring Day partners from
POLAND, BELGIUM, ROMANIA, GERMANY, SPAIN, FRANCE and of course BULGARIA, for helping make Spring Day a wonderful and full of meaning festivity.

We thank the school directors and teachers: Magdalena Grzegorczyk from Lodz - Poland, Sonja Geenens from Ronse - Belgium, Liesbeth Cavens from Kasterlee - Belgium, Viorica Moineagu from Galatz- Romania, Eleonore Waldau and Sabine Kops from Zschortau - Germany, Manfred Breitinger from Reutlingen - Germany,  Merce Jove from Badalona - Spain, Latinka Kovacheva, Sofia- Bulgaria, and many others.

We thank the children, parents and all others, who took part in the preparation and fulfillment of  SPRING FLOWER DAY!

We wish you all a happy SPRING and a lot of Spring joy for the rest of the year!

Tzvetana Platikanova

and all teachers, parents and children from

Kindergarten "Child's Friend", Sofia - Bulgaria


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