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           Spring Day '07                           

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1 March (Martenitza)

1 April (Fun Day)


Lazar's Day

1.Kukeri (the children)

2.Kukeri (Tradition)

Flowers Day (Tzvetnitza)


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 This year our Spring Day activities were devoted to the new membership of Bulgaria in the European Union.
Our children are too young to fully understand what  this means for all of us and for their future. But they know that now they have many new friends, which is a good reason to celebrate. 
So, for us all the days between the 1 March and the 9 May became days for  festive Spring celebrations.
The children were happy to learn about our national Spring festivities and very eager to present them to all our European friends.
They feel that getting to know each other better is the best way to start and preserve a good friendship.


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