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September 2013

180 veterans joined the rowing competitions at the Pancharevo lake near Sofia. .Among them famous World and Olympic champions in different age groups.


The BMF provided  each participating team with sporting suits of different colours, so they and their boats could  easily  be distinguished  from the start,  and  throughout  the exciting competitions. Stefka Madina. – (World Champion  in rowing ) was appointed  Chief of the Jury .

Bronze medalist from Seoul 1988  Magdalena Georgieva  joined as a competitor in mixed couples and together with her partner  achieved the best result  ( even better tan those of the  competing  teams for men


Two Generals - World champions  

   Magdalena Georgieva - Olympic Champion; Stefka Madina and Violeta Nilnova - World Champions

  The most emotional part of the event was the farewell evening,  when  rowing teams from different generations  gathered  to celerate. Together with the interesting stories  and shared  memories , new ideas about  the future development of rowing  were lounched  and upcoming events planned.  The re were medals and cups for the winners  and all participants received memorable  prizes. A  heartwarming  party  marked the final of the event, at which along with the concert, soloists and orchestras, many unexpected  talents popped up. 



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