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"Child's Friend"


Our festive events took place in the  Kindergarten and out in the yard. The most important was the public presentation at the European Information Centre.


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 (Lazar's Day)

Celebrated the last Saturday before Easter.


Only young girls can take part in the ritual.

Early in the morning a group of girls gathers to choose their leader and sing a special song for her. Then they go around the village, visiting  from house to house singing their ritual songs. One of them carries an egg-basket to collect the eggs which the people give them as a present for their visit.  

On Saturday afternoon and on Sunday before noon the girls go around the village, entering each house and singing ritual songs, different for each of the family members.

On Sunday the elder girls go to the centre of the village, to sing their songs and dance the horo /a circle village dance/.




Celebration in the European Information Centre.
According to the tradition only girls can be Lazarki, but this time boys were allowed to take part in the festivity.


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