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Once uppon a time there was a Pink Fairy.

Every day, she opened her pink umbrella and flew over land and sea, to see how people on Earth were living.

One day, as she was flying merrily between the little white clouds, she noticed a strange city below. It was big, but she couldn't see much, as it was all covered with thick grey smog. The fairy dived downwards and hung above the city center. Now she could see better, but what she saw was not good at all: She saw dirty streets, grey houses and inbetween grey, sour, sad and bad people hurrying to and fro. They never looked, at each other's eyes, never said "Good morning", or "Hello" when they met each other, and never said "Good-bye" when they parted. They never aked each other "How are you?", and didn't know words like "please", or "thank you"… They also never said "sorry" if they pushed or stepped on each other's foot. They never smiled.

"How sad…" The Fairy thought. "I have to do something about it… … I have to help them be good and feel happy, to help them like and love each other."

So she flew down to the main city square and knocked three times on the ground with her pink umbrella.

From that spot, a magic fountain appeared. It's magic water the fountain dispersed in sparkling drops. As these drops sprinkled on people passing by, the people changed at once. They were no longer grumpy, gray, bad, or sad, but became good, pleasant, smiling and kind.

By the middle of the day, most of the city inhabitants had passed by the magic fountain, and become good, friendly and happy. One could hear them humming and laughing joyfully. When they met each other they nodded politely and said: "Good Morning!", "Good afternoon", and all kinds of pleasant words, that made people friends.

The Fairy looked here, there, everywhere, and was very satisfied to hear people say to each other: "How are you?" "I'm fine, thank you", or: "Sorry, I stepped on your foot." "Never mind! Do you want an apple?", "Thank you very much!", "You are welcome!"…

"I've done a fine job! My good magic works! All the people in the city are good now!" said the Fairy to herself. Then she flung her pink umbrella open and resumed her usual flight.

But the fairy couldn't notice the little bad boy, who remained in his room, busy breaking toys and scribbling on the walls. When he felt bored with his naughty games, he decided to go out and join his naughty friends. But what was his surprise, when he saw the children so changed: dressed in clean clothes, with washed hands and smiling faces, they were happy playing their new games. No one hit or kicked the other, no one spat on the pavement, or broke windows.

The bad boy didn't like the change.

"Why are you so funny?" he asked his former friends.

"It's not us, you are the funny one." a boy answered him.

"Let's take him to the fountain!" A girl suggested. "He hasn't been there, so he remained the same like before."

"Come to the fountain!" the children called. "Let's go and sprinkle you with the magic water!"

"Stay away from me!" The boy shouted. "I'll go there by myself."

The bad boy ran to the City Square and stopped to look at the magic fountain. He watched from a distance, because he feared he might be changed, if sprinkled by the magic drops. But as he was eager to cause some damage, and destroy the fountain, he started throwing stones and lumps of mud at it.

But whenever the mud and stones reached near the fountain, source, they turned into beautiful flowers, and soon the whole square looked like a blooming garden.

The boy was very angry. He stamped his feet, and cried: "I don't want to be good! I want to be bad!"

At that moment a bad Wizard, curious to see the magic fountain appeared. He heard the loud cries of the boy, and

approached him. "What are you crying for, little boy?" he asked.

"I want to be bad!"

"That's not bad," the Wizard smiled. "I like the idea. But let's see how bad you want to be."

"Very, very, very bad!" The boy answered.

"What can a bad boy do?" The Wizard asked cunningly.

"I can speak bad words, I can bite, I can hit, I can kick!" The boy screamed.

"If you could also spit fire, you would not only be a bad boy. You would be a real dragon! Do you want to be a Dragon?" The Wizard asked.

"Yes! Yes! I want to be a Dragon! I want to spit fire! I want to scare people out of their senses! Can you turn me into a real Dragon?"

"Nothing easier!" The Wizard snapped his fingers and the boy turned into a Dragon. A little Dragon, indeed, because the boy was not very big himself. Then the Wizard locked an iron chain around the Dragon's neck, and said: " Now that you are a Dragon, I have to be sure you won't run away. Come with me now!"

The little Dragon didn't like the feel of the cold heavy chain around his neck, but the Wizard pulled so hard, that he had no other choice, but to stumble unwillingly behind him.

Soon they reached the outskirts of the city. There, in a narrow muddy street, among deserted shattered barracks, amidst an old auto-graveyard, the dark house of the Wizard stood. There was no fence around it, and it looked lonely and forlourn. In front of the house a tall wooden pillar stood and around that pillar the Wizard tied the free end of the chain.

"There." He said. "I needed a guard dog for quite a time. Stay here and watch. Don't let anybody come near the house. If someone comes around, don't let him near the house."

"But what do I have to do?"

"No need to ask! Behave like a Dragon. Bark! Bite! Kick! Spit fire!" The Wizard commanded. Then he unlocked the heavy door and went into the house.

The little Dragon remained chained outside the whole afternoon, then the whole evening, and the whole long dark night as well… He felt cold, hungry, lonely and desperate…

The moon threw it's ghostly light, making the shadows bigger, darker and more frightful. What is the use of being a Dragon? No one seems to be afraid of me, but I feel so frightened. I don't like being bad any more. Oh! Why was I so foolish!" Thought the Dragon. Then he started crying bitterly. He cried and cried the whole night through, until a- salty lake formed around him. Then the lake grew larger. It surrounded the house, and before dawn, it was already streaming like a river down the muddy street…

When the Wizard came out in the morning, he slipped in the- muddy water and fell down so heavily, that he wet his- socks, trousers, shirt, and his magic cloak. Mad with fury, he shouted: "You, useless, good for nothing beast!" He cried. "Look what you have done!"

The little Dragon trembled with fear: "Please, don't hurt me!"

"Oh, I wouldn't- mind hurting you, but what's the use?" The Wizard said. "I have a better idea. I'll sell you."

He dragged the Dragon to the marketplace, and started shouting as a street salesman: "I sell a Dragon!… Who will buy this tame, fresh little Dragon?"…

But no one seemed to be interested in the trade.

"I sell him cheap! Come on! Hurry! Don't miss the deal!"

Yet, no one even came near.

"I told you, you are good for nothing! No one wants you!"

"Let me go, please!" The Dragon pleaded.

"Let you go? Never! After all the troubles I had with you? The Wizard said. "I'll much rather take you to the deepest forest and leave you there, tied to a tree."

The Dragon wept silently, as the bad Wizard pulled to drag him away…

At that moment, a gentle voice was heard: "Can I buy this Dragon?" A little girl stood before the Wizard.

"Do you have money?" he asked.

"Yes," the girl said. "My mother gave me some money for an ice-cream. Take it."

"Not much," the Wizard said, "but at least it's something… give it here."

The girl handed him coins and took the chain.

"Hold him tight." the Wizard warned. And beware - he bites."

"I'm not afraid," the girl said. "Please, take this chain off him."

"Good idea." The Wizard laughed. "I might use it again."

The girl stroked the Dragon: "You are free to go, if you want."

"I have nowhere to go, now that I'm a Dragon," he sighed. "Even my mother wouldn't recognize me." And he told her everything…

"You know," the girl cheered. "There is a magic fountain in the City Square. It helped so many bad people to become good. Let's try it. Maybe it will help you become a boy again."

And that's what they did.

It took a good half an hour bath, until the little Dragon became a boy again. But how happy he felt at last. He thanked the little girl, and promised to be her faithful friend forever and ever. Then he rushed home to kiss his mother and father, and promise them he'll never be bad again.

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