Dignity  Through




Educational Program for Children
from socially deprived, ethnic minorities 
and  families of imprisoned.

Organization and  implementation of a
Daily Pre-school Course
/ age 3-7/
With a special accent to moral messages  and
ethic relationship, achieved by the means of
arts, crafts, sports and games -
/intellectual, creative, active/
in an atmosphere of  friendly attitude and
loving care.

Duration: September - June



Day care and 
Education of 
deprived of 
proper social 
and family 
for achieving
a higher level
of socialization 
and affiliation 
with ethic and 
moral values.

Expected results:

Children are given the opportunity to attain:
Enlarged knowledge
of the surrounding world.
Increased ability
for communication, based on shared cultural and
intellectual interests, disregarding ethnic, social
and other differences.
Developed understanding
of the interdependence
Man -Society - Nature,
the privileges and responsibilities
conditioned by it.
Clarification and rationalization
   of basic notions in the field of moral and ethics.
/Evaluation of motivation and consequences
of  human deeds./
Improved abilities
for  free, good-will and good-natured
    communications among the children themselves,
    and with persons and groups of people from out
      of their usual environment.

Educational Resort Camp

Realization team:
Association "Child's Friend"
Foundation "Humanity"
"Prison Fellowship International"


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