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Welcome to PIKPA of Pireus "Michailinio"

Coordinator for Greece - Mrs. Vasiliki Kokof

PIKPA of Pireus "Michailinio" is a school for children with special needs.

The project work gave children the cahnce to feel the beaity of fairytales and develop their own skills and creativeness.

The children were happy to perform in front of public and really enjoyed acting as fairytale heroes.

Aesopus tale: "The rabbit and the turtle"


The children were also very successful in their original performance of the Bulgarian tale "The Weatherman".

All this has been made possible due to the hearty work of most of the school's teachers, and especially thanks to the year round efforts of the coordinator - Mrs. Vasiliki Kokof. Her genuine teaching abilities and great love for the children made the results really surprizing.

Christmas 2001

Teacher's Visits 2001/2002
 Tzvetana  Platikanova visited the school in Pireus meeting children and colleagues.

Mrs. Vasiliki Kokof and colleagues exchanged visits with teachers from Valkeakoski - Finland


Mrs. Vasiliki Kokof together with all the teachers and Mrs. Tzvetana Platikanova,  carried out special lessons of applied art with each of the classes and performed a Bulgarian fairytale for all children.

  Talks among colleagues on the essence of the project work and the exchange of ideas and experience were of great significance for both sides.


Athens is always wonderful, but it can become even more beautiful when you have a friend for a guide...

We also performed a lot of dissemination activities, making other Greek schools and institutions familiar with the project objectives and recent results.



Project Meeting in Sofia April 2002

PROJECT MEETING in Sofia, Bulgaria  2 April 2002. Visiting Partners: Greece,Romania, Scotland.

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