PROJECT: EUROgeography


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I. Aim of the project:

different lifestyles, etc…

II. Expected results:

III. Partners:

  1. COORDINATOR: NGO "Child's Friend" - Bulgaria,
Supported by representatives of scientific and educational institutions, the press and electronic media, tourist agencies and business associations.

2 . Education institutions and individuals from different European countries /at least 2 of them - members of the EU/.

IV. Target Group:

School children from all European countries.

V. Featured Activities:

1. Preparatory:

2. Essential activities: VI. Project Callendar:
  1. /20.02.2001 - 20.08.2001 / Preparatory activities.
  2. /20.08.2001 - 20.11.2001/ Start of project activities. 20.11.2001 - 1st TV competition.
  3. /20.11.2001 - 20.08.2004/ Essential activities according to schedule.

VII. Evaluation of results:

The final display of results will find place in the Geography Picture Journal "My Country in Our Europe".

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