BULGARIA - The Fairy Tale I Live In...
Welcome, friend!

Give me your hand, and I'll lead you through my fairy country - Bulgaria...

  It is not the biggest, and it's not the richest of all countries, but it's the one I love best.

  Let me show you some of the wonders that make my country a Fairy Land... 



Warm sand dunes, flourishing gardens, 
steep mountains with never melting  sow,
 welcoming sea, green fields, 
streaming rivers, and crystal lakes.
Within half a day's journey 
through Bulgaria, you can see most of the wonders 
of Nature...
Old town


Bulgaria is named
"Country of roses".
The Rose Valley is situated in it's very heart.


 Bulgaria is a fairy country not only thanks to it's natural beauties, but also due to it's ancient history and traditions.
You can find wonderful historical monuments, architecture and pieces of art, dated from before several thousand years...

Tracian Riton - B.C.
Tracian cemetery Tracian Plate - B.C. The Madara Horseman
       King Ivan Shishman and family  Interior of Rila Monastery Rila Monastery

  You certainly will fall in love with our towns and villages,
and our friendly people - our grannies and grandpas,
our mummies and daddies, and us - the youngest ones...


 We wanted to show you much more,
but there couldn't be enough space in the Web.

So, better - come here, and be our guest!

Welcome to Bulgaria!
Sofia - Palace of Culture


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