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Documentation in Kindergarten

"Child's Friend"

Documenting the major events and activities we gathered numerous Photo albums, PPPs and a large Video collection, The multitude of material brought to the need of starting

Documentation of Documentation

That made us busy summarising and systematizing our documentary projects /collective and individual/, preparing a catalogue of collected documents for easy search and use.


Enriching the possibilities for pre-primary school teachers for usage of information technologies as a part of the education process and pedagogy documentation.

Looking for the best common European practices on documentation of childrenís development, progresses, or difficulties.

Improvement of the quallity of documentation methods in education.

Project essence

The project focuses on the research and production of useful quality documentation of children development in connection to the teaching learning process in kindergartens and pre-primary schools. Following the goal to facilitate preschool childrenís transition to primary school the project focuses on the quality of useful documentation and developing methods for itís implementation by other colleagues. All partners have been engaged to help the pupils leaving nursery for primary school, their parents and new teachers with preparing detailed pre school documentation on child development, progresses and difficulties. This documentation allows continuity in monitoring the childís development further in school and  helps to solve problems of the transition period, preparing for each pupil a set of documentation materials, shedding light on the childís development, progresses and difficulties.
Improving the possibilities of pre-primary school teachers to make good use of information technology as a part of the educative process.

Kindergarten "Child's Friend"






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