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      The concrete aim of our work is to create a written guide on best practices and strategies for European pre-primary schools concerning DMPD, Developing Methods of Documentation. We believe that a good documentation method facilitates the transition of pupils from pre-primary schools to primary schools. In many cases today, the transition to primary school implies weeks or even months of “getting-to-know-each-other” until the new teacher learns every pupil’s special needs and interests. This documentation will allow continuity in the following up on the child’s development without the above-mentioned delay.

 on children, teachers and schools:

      Pupils will be able to estimate their own progress looking back at their regularly documented development. 

     Teachers in primary schools will have the possibility to get to know their new pupils better and in a shorter time. The documentation on pupil’s development, progress and problems will make it easier for teachers to understand the individual needs of every person in their class.

     Transition from pre-primary school to primary school will be easier for both children and teachers. This project will allow teachers to develop their pedagogy by using the latest technology and this will be an integrated part of the education plan.

 on families and wider community:

 Parents will be able to follow their children’s development in detail and it will be easier to identify possible difficulties in time. 

 Authorities will also be informed on the importance of pedagogical documentation. This will have impact on the local community, as decision-makers will see the necessity of using information technology in pre-primary and primary education.

 The wider educational community will benefit from the commonly produced document of the best practices of the DMPD, which is to be made accessible for European pre-primary school personnel and to pedagogical research institutes.

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