Christmas 2005

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Christmas 2005 Bulgarian Christmas Traditions Preparations   Decorations

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Kindergarten "Child's Friend" Sofia, Bulgaria



This page is our Gateway to numerous Christmas activities in Kindergarten "Child's Friend".

Here you will find links to our preparations in December, to a page  about the parent's workshop, where parents and grannies created the Christmas decorations and helped the children and teachers working out the presents for our many, many friends. You will see a site about the wonderful Christmas celebration in the European Information centre, the exhibition of post cards, Christmas decorations and presents we made and received.

A glimpse of our Christmas celebration, the  concert  and our meeting with Father Christmas.

You can get an idea of how our children and  parents participated in the Christmas workshop and see some of the lovely things they created.


You can also see some of the presents we made together and the new  costumes of the children, specially designed for the Christmas concert.


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Our school:


"Child's Friend"

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  Christmas 2005


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