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We decorated several Christmas trees for the study rooms of the kindergarten. We hanged many  snow flakes, stars, angels, snow men and pine trees made of paper.

Our  windows are decorated with lovely winter ornaments.

We rehearsed a wonderful winter tale, and coloured the illustrations drewn for the story.



Decemberi activities in the kindergarten are dedicated to the coming Christmas and New Year festivities. The children prepared decorations and presents and rehearsed their festive concert




The children spent three days working on their own little houses, made from juice boxes. Inside the open doors and windows one can see pictures of the owner. Once ready, the houses were brought together to form a wonderful "Christmas village

A central piece of our decorations was the Winter pannel made by Mrs. Platikanova, It gave the inspiration for the greeting and invitation cards which the children made for  teachers, parents and friends.

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Every class has his own tree (plastic or natural). We also decorate pine tree branches and hang them among other decorations on the walls. We hang Christmas balls, lights and garlands on the tree. At the top we put a peak, or a star.

We also hang lots of small toys made by ourselves.

In school parents bring the presents secretly on the day of the celebration. They give them to the teachers, who hide them in a big bag, which later is handed to Father Christmas, to distribute among the children, according to the labels put by the parents, The teachers add a bag with sweets, chocolates and small surprises for every child.



The school festivity is also almost a  family gathering. Usually both parents / often accompanied by grand parents and other relatives/  attend the concert show which the children perform, with singing, dancing and role-playing.  Children, parents and teachers meet together Father Christmas, who gives each one a present. The parents participate in our feast, and all share some special sweets and other treats.

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Christmas 2005

Parents Workshop

Decorations, cards

The presents

The celebration

Tradition in  BG

Christmas 2004

Children make the first Christmas cards for Father Christmas, in which  they write their wish for a present. Teachers send the messages to Father Christmas. He usually satisfies all reasonable wishes. 

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