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 "АБВ - Изкуството на книгата"

  Проект по програма "Култура 2007 - 20013" на ЕК

Координатор - Сдружение "Приятел на Детето"




Programme "Culture 2007 - 2013" 



The Partnership: 

Coordinator:  Bulgaria

Association "Child's Friend", Sofia


Institute for Children's Literature

Vienna, Austria



Regional library  "L. Karavelov", Ruse   



Public library in Ursus, Warsaw, Poland




Media Education Centre, Belgrade, Serbia



     This project aims to stimulate reading habits in children who read little or not at all by acquainting children in the age group 7 to 12 with the art of the book – with the ways books are made and marketed, starting with writing, then illustrating, translating, reviewing and performing a book.
     The project also addresses two groups in the field: young and established professionals. 
     The events will be organized in two main streams:
     - Throughout the project duration (October 1011 – May 2013), each of the participating countries will organize five thematic workshops and other events connected with the art of the book.
     - The main event of the project, summarizing the results of the work during the first school year, will be the Book Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria.
     - The novel aspect of the project is that the children will be acquainted with the media of the book in its entirety, i.e. starting from its creation and ending with its promotion.

 October 2011 has been a very busy month for the team of Association “Child’s Friend. Our members: actors, writers and artists visited schools and had creative workshops with classes from 1st to 4th grades. We talked with children about books and reading and inspired them to prepare with dramatizations and recitals for the big all-city concert, which took place in the National Youth Theatre on the 1st of November.

The schools we worked with are from suburban Sofia districts, most of them attended by children from different social and ethnic background. We promised to visit them regularly and create together their own books, written and illustrated by the children. We also worked with  the school for young people with learning dificulties, the School for Deaf children and  several Sofia Cultural centers. All of them took active part in the preparation and performed brilliantly at the Day of Enlightenment Big Concert.

Children form 4 to 10 years old are chosen to be our main target group. Starting with the youngest (Kindergarten groups), we tried to teach children about the real value of books. A value created by many talented people, skilled in different arts, producing together a wonderful result – the BOOK. 

From the 1st to the 31st of October, the team of Association “Child’s Friend” was engaged in making the project known to the community and first of all to parents, teachers, artists, authorities and other NGOs with similar goals, who would be ready to get engaged in a joint effort for fulfilling the project objectives.

Meetings with authors, artists, teachers and librarians


During the first month we organized two informative conferences: In Sofia University, (attended by professors in pedagogy, philology, sociology and different arts, members of Foundation “Humanity”, and members of Association “Child’s Friend”, prominent Bulgarian writers, translators and artists and in Sofia Municipality, Izgrev District, (attended by municipal authorities, inspectors, school directors and teachers).

The celebration of the Day of Enlightenment was organized by Association “Child’s friend, with the support of the Representation of the European Commission in Bulgaria.

The National Youth Theatre was full of enthusiastic public and all performers received showers of generous applause.

Participants, aged from 4 to 22, represented all schools and organizations we had visited during the past month:  The public enjoyed poetry recitals, dramatizations of folk tales and legends, puppet show, pantomime performed by the deaf children, comical sketches, many songs and dances.



BOOK and Theatre Workshop in Ruse – 13.01.2012      

The workshop was organized by the Ruse City Library “Ljuben Karavelov “ and took place in the central Concert hall.

Attending: Groups of schoolchildren, aged 9-10 years, the General Director of the Ruse City Library, Mrs. Teodora Evtimova, the responcible for project activities, Mrs Teodora Stoyanova, the Director of the Ruse Art Gallery Mrs. Elena Velikova, teachers and city authorities.The event was recorded by a team from National TV and broadcasted on the News the same evening.

Christmas Festivity
in the European Information Centre, Sofia, 23.12.2011
Children from Kindergarten “Child’s Friend”, 4th graders from school 105, and children from the town of Sevlievo gathered for the great celebration. There were many guests, lots of applause and hearty congratulations.  Father Christmas came once again to see the wonderful performance and brought the best presents – BOOKS for everyone.


The children from Kindergarten “Child’s Friend”, have weekly workshops with different artists, assisted by teachers and parents in fulfillment of the project objectives. So in the weeks for Christmas preparations, along side the concrete project work, in friendly talks, teachers and artists drew the attention of children to the notion of generosity, giving an example with Father Christmas, who enjoys giving presents to everyone, but never asks anything for himself. So the children decided to prepare a present for Father Christmas and were very good at learning and reciting the poems from authors they already knew. But that was not enough, we also wanted to give him a present in English, and Mrs Platikanova wrote a short script, which the children learned by heart and acted enthusiastically.








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